We have received the following advice from the Department of Transport Queensland and is offered as advice to our customers.

Good afternoon RTOs

The TLILIC0001 Licence to transport dangerous goods by road course is the approved national Dangerous Goods Driver License (DGDL) course.

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) would like to remind all RTOs about the national requirements for accepting a Statement of Attainment (SoA) for a DGDL. These requirements are stated in the TLILIC0001 Mandatory Assessment Instrument (MAI).

A Competent Authority (CA) may accept a SoA issued by a RTO as satisfactory evidence of the competency of the applicant. Such acceptance is subject to the training and assessment being delivered:

a.      within the Australian Quality Framework (AQF); and

b.      by an RTO accepted by the CA in the jurisdiction of registration that has TLILIC0001 on scope of registration; and

c.      over two or more training days being a minimum of 16 hours of supervised training and assessment (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is not accepted); and

d.      using the MAI to conduct the assessment; and

e.      in accordance with the requirements of the CA in the jurisdiction in which the assessment is conducted.

Recently, a number of courses provided in Queensland for the issue of a DGDL, did not cover the required two or more training days being a minimum of 16 hours of supervised training and assessment.  The courses were conducted over one day with a minimum of 8 hours and the SoA issued to the drivers were dated for 2 days of training.

Any course that is found to be non-compliant may result in show cause action against the RTO and all students will be required to re-sit the full 2 day course with another RTO.

TMR would like to reiterate that there is no one day DGDL course for the attainment of a SoA and if TMR become aware that a DGDL course has not been conducted within the required two or more training days or a DGDL course does not meet other mentioned CA requirements, TMR will investigate the matter and show cause action may be taken against the RTO responsible for the non-compliant training and assessment.  Any students who have undertaken a non-compliant course will be required to re-sit the course with a different trainer.