Transport Documentation: ONLY the transport document and Emergency Information must be placed in the holder shown below. A transport document is required for any amount of dangerous goods carried for hire or reward: Transport Document Outline see button below.

Specific EPGs can be produced to comply with the ADG Code and are required for a placard load of dangerous goods. As this is a fairly technical area we will need to know details about the product and our staff will advise accordingly. Email or call us for more information.

We also have available an A4 size holder and Vehicle Fire Guide.

An emergency information holder must be securely placed on a road vehicle:
(a) on the inside of a door of the cabin; or
(b) immediately adjacent to a door of the cabin; or
(c) if the construction of the vehicle does not allow the holder to be attached to the inside of or adjacent to a cabin door - elsewhere in the cabin of the vehicle, provided that the position of the holder is identified on a notice affixed to the inside of the driver’s door of the cabin.
 Any emergency information holder that is located other than as specified above must be visible and accessible.